Writers block… More like fashion block!

Decisions… decisions… decisions… prayer… prayer… prayer…
Tis this season for a new season(fall) and also a new season of life. Lately I’ve been so consumed on fashion these past couple of weeks. Why? well, 1. It’s NYFW & 2. College apps for spring 2015 are due October/November. However I am applying to FIT, which apps are due by October. I’ve pulled almost all-nighters because I am constantly working on my portfolio to make it to the T. I do have that little worry in the back of my head saying, “you don’t have a chance.” “just stop while you can.” “you can’t do it.” Those are lies that I am trying my hardest not to believe. I strongly think that, you do not know until you try. If i get denied, so be it and its their loss. I’ve been at this whole fashion game for 4 years so I am hoping it pays off in my application and I get accepted. It is my dream to live in New York (thank you to SATC & Carrie Bradshaw) & to go to FIT. Timing is everything and His timing is the best. I also have been in constant prayer about this whole entire want and desire. I want to be in the fashion world so badly, it’s not even funny. It’s been a long 4 year journey, of mistakes, goofy outfits, dressing outside the box and finding my style. I still however have not found my “style” because it is different every day since I love trying new looks. Not to mention, this is my second attempt at applying to FIT and hoping it will be my last. I hate all the expectations though that some colleges want because it is tough that I may not have the best portfolio or best essay, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a chance to show them what I have. That has also been one of my top worries, is that i don’t have what it takes or by the look of my portfolio… So we will just have to wait and see for the results. With all this pressure and stress I’ve brought upon myself, fashion block is a thing for me. I am extremely not ok with it either! Usually outfits just come to me when I lay in bed at night or when I’m just thinking last-minute. Lately I cannot put one darn outfit together and it’s driving me insane. So yes.. I caved and have been wearing workout clothes. That’s why you never say never, because I became that girl(; No they are not Yoga pants!! They’re actual running/workout gear. Anyways, It’s been tough not being my fashionista diva-self but sometimes it happens and I am accepting the fact I won’t always get it right and I need to move on, stop stressing about the little stuff and just laugh it off. Looking at the glass half full makes life that much better and have you end up having such a positive outlook on everything, even if that is being denied from a school you wanted to attend or not looking your best on that Monday morning!

Don’t forget to smile and look up (:

Big City Dreamer


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