Do as you are told, or society tells you.

Go to college, get a degree, find a boyfriend, marriage, kids etc. You know that clique life some parents want you to live or you want to live. Well I think is a bunch of garbage. After high school, it is your life. You are legally an adult and have free will of what you want to do. If that’s nothing, so be it, however I would not advice that. If it’s a doctor, awesome! Teacher, cool! Fashion designer. No, you’ll never go anywhere with that, choose something else.

That is what I was told, when I mentioned what I wanted to do with my life. After being told no, my heart kind of hurt. I did not understand why, because I thought a fashion designer was a perfectly good field to go into. Not everyone wants to be a doctor or teacher. However, I let what people tell me influence me so much I didn’t go with what I was so incredibly passionate about. I ignored what I wanted, what He wanted and decided to just give up so easily. That was such a low point in my life, because I let people who said they loved me, control MY life and think negative about my desires. If I could redo one thing in life it would be listening to others and taking what they have so personal. I am paying for that now, however in a different way. It made me grow some rhino skin, stand up for myself and take action in what I want, also lesson learned; don’t listen to others or have then be the final say of an answer. I also realized down the way when I was applying to fashion schools and going through this rough patch, that great things do not come easy and amazing things do not come easier. I need to work my butt off for what I want and where I want to get. I also know that is where I am finally taking action. My sister is a huge influence and her friend because they are constantly pushing me to be my best and are telling me to follow my dreams. You need people in your life that will push you, when you can’t push yourself anymore. No roadblocks can stop you, the sky are the limit! If there is a will, there is a way, so you can do it! If it were the case, half the people in this world to give up first-hand, I believe that those people would not be where they are today. It’s so influential to ready about certain people and know how they came about. They never gave up, even how tough the situation is they still kept going because they were that passionate. If you have a passion to be a gym teacher, art teacher, soccer coach, old folks home, volunteer, tour guide, meteorologist or fashion designer, do it! Because if you don’t do it, who will?


Big City Dreamer


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