Black is my happy color

If you have an open mind to most everything in this world, it tends to make variety in your life and your horizon expands… who would have thought? Expand your horizon to new genre of music, new dress style, a new haircut, hair color or food? The way I became open-minded was, surprisingly my sister and a close girlfriend influenced me to buy the color black, in jeans, jacket, purse, shoes and tops. I honestly never thought this day would come. My theory use to be, the color you wear is what your mood is, because I thought if you wore pink you would be smiley, blue you would be cool or black you would be sad. However I expanded my horizon, bought a few black colored items and my world changed. It is such a statement color; it is very versatile and can be so incredibly classy. However the negative to black, is that you can see everything on it, especially lint. That’s my biggest issue with wearing that color, constantly lint rolling! I know drama queen but just being honest here. Anyways, my point being, expand your horizon in anything because you never know until you try, you could love it or like it? I challenge you to try something that you wouldn’t normally like and see how it goes. (:

black on black


Big City Dreamer


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