Is it beautiful or is it a beautiful disaster?

Not old school… not prude, just knowing the truth. Sex was and should still be saved for marriage. It is a bond so special that it creates reproduction and brings beauty into this life. It should show how much your husband loves his wife and how much his wife loves her husband. It seems that sex is a coping mechanism for boredom. That breaks my heart to hear that, because it is such a beautiful act that shouldn’t be done because you’re bored, but because you love that person. I believe that the bond you create every time it happens, it makes you that much closer. However when it becomes just a lets just do it, to do it, that ruins the whole purpose of sex. There’s a reason it’s called “love making”. So why must it be a casual hobby, coping mechanism, kill time, or ignoring boredom? Don’t defeat the purpose of something that should be so incredibly magical and beautiful. Don’t abuse that feeling. You may want to know why the fire is gone? Well ask yourself, why? What is the purpose of me doing this? Out of love or out of boredom? It will always be a constant battle between flesh and spirit but you’re an overcomer and can defeat what your flesh wants! You may save something that is worth saving. Heart break, special bond, feelings, and that relationship.


Big City Dreamer


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