Weather cannot stop your fashion sense.

We have hit the winter season finally, at least in my beautiful state. We had our first official snow fall last Monday and it was breathtaking. Seeing each individual flake just falling down on the ground, then melting from the cement still warmish from those fall nights. I am not here to talk to you about the weather though, I am here to talk to you about fashion…duh! Tis the season tights and thigh high socks!! Tights are my “pants” but don’t worry I don’t wear them by themselves I wear them with skirts or distressed jeans. I love tights because they bring the inner girl out of me that comes out even more when I wear tights. Seems weird but true fact, with tights comes skirts and I usually don’t wear skirts unless it’s with tights so… yeah tangent sorry. Tights are so handy because when you thought you had to put away those distressed jeans for the season, wrong! You embrace those knee holes and thigh slits. You can wear plain black solid tights or patterned tights to spice that look. My opinion, when you wear tights with distressed pants I believe it looks pretty classy event though you would never think holy pants were, but when you don’t show skin and wear solid black tights underneath, it gives it a chic look! Try it out and see what you think (: Thigh highs, thigh highs, thigh highs. Say that three times without messing up, HA! I failed. Thigh highs look so incredibly adorable with tights, to add more warmth to your legs, since tights aren’t the warmest (unless they’re fleece) this definitely adds warmth to your brittle frozen winter legs. However sometimes when I wear those two pieces together I sometimes feel 7 but you need to embrace your little kid sometimes, am I right? So try something new this winter, instead of jeans or yoga pants, get girly and dress outside your box. Whether that be tights, thigh highs or skirts, just wear something you normally would not because change is good and it expands your horizon. Happy Holidays beautiful people!!


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