Jack Johnson wrote a part of my life in his song.. Thanks!

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, is the song to my life right now. I am Sitting, Wishing, Waiting to know if I was officially accepted into FIT. 14 days till I will find out but who’s counting right? I’ve been in constant prayer and working my butt off from the start and I’m really wanting my hard work to pay off. My dream is to get into this school and to live in New York City? I mean who doesn’t want to live in New York, even if that’s for a little. I am just excited to spread my wings finally, live somewhere where I do not know anyone and just grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and possibly physically. Id love to grow a couple inches but…That’s what heels are for, am I right?! This whole process has been teaching me patients out of the wazoo and trusting the unknown and everything will work out the way it is suppose too.

To be continued… Dec 1.


Big City Dreamer

new york winter time


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