Ready, Set, Shop!

This year was my first year I attended black Friday shopping. However it started on Thursday night at 9pm, so Black Thursday shopping, to be more correct. I wasn’t really going in with any anticipation of buying something because I assumed the sales were not going to on clothes or anything I was looking for, just because I have been told it’s usually electronics or house supplies. Well I was wrong I found some magnificent deals! I am usually the queen of bargain shopping, so when I was shopping yesterday I could not pass up these prices. My friend and I went to the outlets in Castle Rock and could not believe our eyes of the lines that were forming, mainly for designer stores but still… its just stuff! Luckily, the places we went too, not many people were there. When we walked into Lucky I was thinking what do I need or want? I’ve been looking two long years for an army jacket. Everywhere I was looking they were out of my price range or the quality was not good. So after browsing around for a little, I saw this beautiful jacket on the hanger. It was love at first sight, seriously! I had a price range of course and I was not looking to spend one hundreds of dollars. However, I looked down and saw that price, eighty dollars with a sale price of thirty-two dollars! I had to get it; I knew I could not pass up that price. It fit me like a glove and it was exactly what I was looking for. Great things really do take time because I’ve found so many jackets just like this one but this quality was better than any other ones I have found and the price was golden. Later on we were walking around and I was thinking to myself, what else have I been looking for that I haven’t found. A watch! I am calming down on the whole name brand item. You can get the same exact watch for cheaper price just as nice quality but it is not Michael Kors or Kate Spade. We decided to stop at Ann Taylor and walking in, noticed the big red signs saying, “accessories and jewelry were sixty percent off”. Steal, right? I started browsing that area and this gold watch caught my eye. I’ve been wanting a watch just like this that was from Michael Kors except this one was two hundred dollars cheaper. Oh well, the price was sixty dollars with a sale price of twenty dollars. I was done, no doubts or excuses went through my head of why I couldn’t buy it. Just because the logo was not what I wanted doesn’t mean the quality was not good. Ann Taylor has great quality from what i experienced, plus I’m learning smart shopping and the value of a dollar. I was and still am happy with my purchases because these are ones I have been looking for and found them at great prices. Yes, Black Friday shopping does have its perks but honestly do not think ill ever go again. The lines are not worth it and these items I purchased were not a matter of life or death situation, so that being said Black Friday is fun however, I’d rather be at home watching a Christmas movie by the fire then freezing my butt off and sacrificing good family bonding time.


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