Inspiration from a friend.

I will not be stopped. I will not be told I am not good enough; I will keep on taking action and pursing my dream. I was inspired today by one of my good friends today, earlier when we were talking about life. I recently was denied from my dream school for fashion for the second time. Just because they tell me I don’t qualify does not mean that is true. In the end it’s really that schools loss because I can provide more than they think. Grades should not show your ability of creativity or an essay. I know I have what it takes to purse a career in fashion, it may take longer then I am expecting but hey, if you really love something you keep pursing it no matter what. To me, fashion is not a hobby it’s a lifestyle and a passion of mine. So that being said, I am not being cocky what so ever, sometimes its good to tell yourself positive thoughts because if you think negative you will get no where in life. If you have passions or dreams you want to pursue, then do it! The sky is literally the limit. Also remember that great things do take time and nothing worth it will ever come easy. Keep fighting and do not give up. That’s what I decided to do, after being denied; crying won’t make the situation better or sitting and wallowing in my hurt. Emotions are, however letting your emotions take over your situation is not a good place to be in. You are in control of that and to accept the situation and moving on grows you that much more. Don’t give up so easy, I am in my prime right now where I thought id be living in New York and going to fashion week, well i think that just because it’s not happening now doesn’t mean it wont ever happen, I just need to stay positive and just keep swimming. If you are in a situation where you just want to give up, don’t! Just keep swimming and in time things will start to fold out the way they are suppose too. It may not be in your timing however the big guy upstairs has a good plan no matter what!


Big City Dreamer


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