Every girl should have a pair.. of nude heels that is. I have had a pair before but was over them right after I wore them. They just looked horrible with my skin tone, is that even possible? Nude shoes are made for every skin type. Well later on I noticed I had a DSW gift card, so of course i drove to the store and looked around without having any anxiety. If you have ever been in that store, its shoe overload. Not a bad thing though (; The first place I always head to is the sale section because 1. That is the only place they really have my size and 2. SALE period! Again, queen of sales and bargain shopping. Rarely do I ever spend full price on anything, however I do make exceptions. Anyways, I am strolling along in the 5, 5.5 shoe section and BAM! My heart literally jumped. BCBG paris nude heels… in size 5.5. You bet your bottom dollar I did not hesitate to pick them up, getting all giddy. I then start walking to the register and had slight hesitation from the price. They were 60 dollars… However since usually in the sale section they have colors on the prices which means you also get a discount off of that depending on the color and they ended up being 26 dollars!!! STEAL, AM I RIGHT? I asked the question to myself that I always do before I buy, ” Do I need this” felt like I was Rebecca Bloomwood (Confessions of A Shopaholic) for a second. I love having movie moments to myself (: Anyways, I did need nude heels, every girl needs at least 1 good pair, weather that’s flats, booties, 2,4 or 6 inch heels, nude is necessity, why? Well they literally go with anything and can dress up an outfit or dress it down depending on the style you buy. All in all, I was most definitely satisfied with my purchase, felt as if I was in a movie for a split second and I could finally be 4 inches taller.


Big City Dreamer

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    • bigcitydreamer
      December 1, 2014 / 5:28 pm

      Thank you!

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