Rebecca Bloomwood from; (Confessions Of A Shopaholic) is me in a sense…

Do you ever watch a movie and think to yourself, wow this movie is seriously “story of my life” Well I get that when I watch, Confessions of A Shopaholic. All jokes aside, I am convinced they asked my mother to quote parts of my life and put it in that movie without telling me.

When I was little, I was constantly getting hammy downs or getting second hand clothes from the thrift store. I was bought long lasting items, not the expensive non-practical clothes. That was also because I was a full on tomboy. (Another story for another time) Any who, when I reached an age of wanting to build credit and wonder what it would feel like to have nice “things”, I decided to get to be an “adult” and have my own credit card. RED FLAGS!! Again I didn’t grow up with the latest and greatest items, so I wanted to give myself that once I finally had my own way of buying those specific items. I went a little crazy, at 18 I found out that there were designer brands in my price range and that I could actually afford those items. I went crazy started buying everything, even if I didn’t want it, I just wanted to purchase it because of the feeling I had when I swiped that card. (You can find that story in my shortcut drop bar; who am I blog) My inner fashionista came roaring out of me and showed me a side of myself I never thought I had. I was enjoying it because my eye for fashion started to strike. Later on, I spent all my money I had saved up for my job and bought clothes, purses, make-up etc. Then became in debt. I was freaking out because my job only pays me so much and I racked up that bill a lot more then I thought I could afford. At one point I really did think someone stole my credit card because I had purchases on there that I never thought I made… however I did. See, again right out of Shopaholic that part happened to me. When Rebecca Bloomwood was looking at her statements and saw there was purchase from outdoor world, didn’t think she bought anything from there when she did, a tent. Even though she claimed she’d never seen a tent but her co-worker knew she made that purchase. I later on came up with an epiphany “ the more you spend the better your fashion is.” Such a lie! I figured out that, you can buy in-expensive clothing and still have better style then some people who spend an arm and a leg on items. I also realized I don’t need to buy outrageously expensive clothes to look good; I need to know how to style it, which then that’s where my creative side comes out. Thankfully I was gifted with an eye for fashion and can correlate clothes together without needing a stylist. It has saved my butt and my credit card thanks me as well! In the end of the movie Rebecca found a love with a man who can speak Prada, however, that’s not my ending… I don’t think because A. my story is still being written and B. I haven’t found that “love” yet. I did learn a very important lesson though and hope this can be inspirational to you, not to be a shopaholic and know the difference between cost and worth.


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