Christmas movies + Blogging = My Friday afternoon.

This is my view for this afternoon, being incredibly inspired by other blogs, watching Christmas movies on hallmark and nannying. This has been my life for the past couple weeks, which I’m not mad about at all. I enjoy just relaxing and not having “anything” to do sometimes. I love having those days where i invoke myself to Tumblr while sitting at Starbucks with my cup of tea (: Or, I am nannying and just falling to pieces with these cheesy romantic movies, while wishing I had a mistletoe kiss or holiday cutie. Blogging really does keep me on my toes because I am constantly learning new things about fashion from other bloggers, life, being inspired and how to keep sane. I really do appreciate all the other bloggers out there that take time and just spew out what they think. I am very thankful for you all, keep inspiring! Happy Holidays (:


Big City Dreamer



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