Making a healthy change.

You know how every diet program is very confident about their product they are using. Taking a pill somehow can make you lose a tremendous amount of weight and also give you abs. It doesn’t work that way at all. Something that awesome does not come that easily or else I’d be in New York working in the fashion industry. Great things take time; it wouldn’t be worth it if it came easy. Anyways, I’ve decided I am going to get fit, I am in pretty good shape however, I’d like to be in better shape! This is something that will be done for myself, since I will be able to see results in my timing and it will make me live a healthier lifestyle. That being said; I’ve watched Karena and Katrina from the beginning, then to the TV show they had on Bravo and now the huge take off they are having, making a new space for the Tone It up HQ. I watch all their videos, keep up to date with the holiday workouts and see all the amazing inspiration they post on the Tone It Up page. Well officially I decided since I’m not as busy as I’d like to be right now, instead of watching the videos wishing I had those abs, I am going to take action. I will be working out, blogging about my progress and just really taking a leap of faith into this program. There’s definitely something different about these two ladies, their energy is always at a high, they’re so real just in general and all about helping others gain confidence! So here’s to a new me with great self-confidence!!

P.S The Tone It Up plan would be a great Christmas present for that someone who wants to look fabulous in a bikini and in that LBD. You can check it out at They also have a clothing/accessory line that have adorable pieces. Who doesn’t want to look cute while dripping sweat?!

Happy Holidays (:


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