” Vintage, so adorable” Regina George

Oh my goodness! Words cannot describe my excitement right now for how excited I am about this purchase I made today. Walking around Boulder, Co my step-mom noticed a vintage shop up the way, Goldmine Vintage. Before today I have never been vintage shopping and I wasn’t too sure about it, though I took a chance an walked it. With no expectations to find something, I made my way to the back of store and noticed the jackets. A full length fur jacket, my size, perfect color. I have seemed to find one I really liked, until now.  Don’t let me forget to say those prices when I was looking were beyond my budget. This jacket I saw was only 65$. IS THAT A STEAL OR WHAT? Immediately after trying it on, I had to buy it. Finally I have a jacket for the winter time, that will keep me warm and I look classy as can be. Fake or not, I have never seen a price like that for fur, especially on a full-length one. It was sign, i’m telling you. If you know of someone who loves vintage clothing, or one of a kind items, vintage stores are the place for you. Everything in those stores are trade offs. I asked the lady if peopled donate/where do they get all these clothes. No they don’t take donations, They have special people who go travel around the world and go to other trade-stores or selling’s to find items and bring them back to wherever they are located. Some items are brand new, some are used however, most of the time they only take mint-condition items. Who knew Christmas shopping for yourself could be so easy, usually it is the hardest task for myself, not this year!

Happy Holidays


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