Sick essentials

Tis the season for being sick! I was going about one year strong from not being sick, however my body decided to get sick over finals week. WOOHOO! If are sick and wanting to feel better I have some great remedies for you. Don’t take any of those medicines that you can get in the aisle or over the counter at a grocery store. 1. they are filled with sugar 2. They only work one time. 3. They don’t help you immune system at all 4. They taste disgusting. Drinking lots and lots of water! Tea is good for the upset tummy, Mint Magic Celestial tea helps for me. If i want a good nights rest and just relax Sleepytime Extra Tea is amazing! Sore throat issues; halls breezes,they coat my throat and have a yummy aftertaste. Vitamin C and Zinc is your best friend during this time, those help boost your immune system. Echinacea and Pau D’ Arco mixed with orange juice is the, really. It will build your immune system up while it is fighting that bug, that is my go-to medicine, and if you use those, they are usually package deal, as in using them together is a stronger and more efficent effect. Then, the most common remedy, staying warm, it is a must to fight over that fever if you have one or you are sick just in general, then catching as many zzz’s possible.

  • Halls Breezers $1.81- King Soopers
  • Echinacea $12 & Pau D’ Arco $11 – Vitamin Shoppe
  • Celestial Mint & Sleepy Time Tea $2 for $3 usually- Sprouts
  • Zinc 50mg $15& Vitamin C-1000 Complex $20- Vitamin Shoppe

All of these prices vary a lot and are not gaurunteed to be the same. Sometimes you have discounts on these products or they are a buy one get one free, just depends on what the sale is.

If you are under the weather try one of these remedies or all of them and let me know how you feel after, I guarantee all or one of them will help you feel better then you did the day before. Stay cuddly and Happy Holidays (:


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