Tis the season for giving!

Have you ever heard of expect the unexpected? Well that tends to usually be the case for a lot of life’s little surprises or blessings. I’ve been at my job (nannying) for about a good year now. They have been so incredibly generous, helpful, flexible and nice ever since day 1. Since it is the season of giving, The only gift that came into my mind was giving them something, for all the times they have been so understanding and so incredibly thoughtful, I wanted to give them something in return. Today it was just an ordinary day for me, until the little girl came up to me with this huge gift box. I was confused, she said it was for me and I was thinking to myself, I don’t deserve this, nor do I need this. I’m not use to people giving me gifts at all, I was really taken back. Inside were all my favorite items, so unless they secretly knew or they paid attention to past conversation, it was spot on! This was a situation of expecting the unexpected. Yes it is Christmas however, that doesn’t mean I need people to give me gifts or anything in that matter. I’ve been praying lately about feeling loved and cared for, so in this case God had a little surprise up his sleeve. I am so incredibly thankful for the family I nanny and their wonderful gesture, really made my day! I am so touched, thank you.

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