What is your favorite time of the day?

Mornings are my most favorite time of the day. You may ask, why in the world would that be? Well I actually use to never be a morning person. I did indeed dread the sunrise, the birds chirping, the happy morning people and breakfast. Little did I know I would surely grow into being a “morning person”. I love to crank up those “get me going jams” and take nice long hot shower. I then, do thoroughly enjoy some brain-worthy breakfast food, Last but not least I choose that stylish outfit I will be putting on my body for certain twenty four hours. I am my own personal stylist when it comes to picking my outfits, it is definitely a gift that I am incredibly thankful for. I do enjoy waking up when the sun is up, that way I have a big day ahead of me and I don’t miss out on anything I wouldn’t be able to see if I were sleeping. Your day then becomes more productive, you also tend to be in a better mood when you eat a healthy long lasting breakfast and when you actually take time to get yourself ready, or that tends to be the case for me. I strongly believe people who want to go somewhere and make something of their lives do not sit around and sleep. They take action and get going when the rest of the world is sleeping. I challenge you to try something new for yourself, wake up an hour early or even thirty minutes. That way you aren’t rushing to get that outfit together or you can eat an actual breakfast, not just coffee (:

Leave a comment below of, what’s your favorite time of the day and why, I’d love to know if any one else is a morning person (:

Happy Holidays!


Big City Dreamer


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