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When you shop, do ever shop in clearance, sale or whats almost gone? Shopping in those sections does not mean you cannot afford anything above that price or anything in those terms. I say that because I use to be one of those people who thought that and I have heard it multiple times before from others. When I became a savvy shopper I then became a smart shopper too. Why spend an arm more when you can buy the same exact shirt, shoes or jacket maybe 2 months later or a month. If you purchase a lot, shopping in these sections will help your wallet and you can splurge on that other item you may want that might not be on sale and it is a must have. I buy all my summer shoes in the winter and my winter shoes in the summer, weird right? No, not at all, I usually save about $200 at least and can buy 6-7 pairs for the price of $200. As of today, I went out to DSW and bought some spring-summer shoes and they happen to be all in clearance too with a huge discount. I’ve been in need of black flats and black heels so what did I find today, black flats and heels! I didn’t hesitate to buy these babies because of the incredible deal I received on them. Also, clearance is usually the only section that has my small size 5 feet, bonus! If I bought these last spring or summer they would have been full priced and would have been way out of my budget, so learning to be patient and wait for deals is better than being in debt and paying for overpriced items. Be attracted to those beaming Red signs in store windows that say clearance and take advantage of deals as much as possible, you will save more than you think. If your gal, lady friend, co-worker, sister, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc are in need of some coverage for their feet DSW can provide that, even if you are on a budget! Hurry… because these deals will not last long!

  • Aldo Black flats: Original price $69.94

80% off discount, I paid $13.99

  • Calvin Klein flats: Original price $69.94

80% off discount, I paid $13.99

  • Calvin Klein ankle heels: Original price $69.94

70% off discount, I paid $20.98 

Total: $51.41

Total savings: $259.04





Happy Holidays (:


Big City Dreamer


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