New year, New style!

“ New year new you”, ever heard that quote? Well instead of that saying I’m making it; “ New year new style.” Every year I try to look back on my wardrobe choice of what I wore during the year and see what I liked and what I wouldn’t wear again. I tend to clean my closet out every season or year because after awhile my closet can become super crowded and I end up wearing the items that I can only see and not the ones that are pushed in the corner or I cant see. Why waist those clothes when they could be put to great use for someone else? This New Year I’ve decided, since I tend to wear more earth tones or dark colors to get rid of everything else and create a minimalist wardrobe. That way I will wear everything in my closet and each piece will have multiple uses out of each item as well. You will save a lot of money and will make you be more creative with your outfits. You tend to have only 30 items in your closets, which sounds impossible, however that’s why that word also spells possible, because it is! Donate, eBay, craigslist, poshmark, Plato’s closet your extra clothing items,. Then get extra cash and maybe buy a new minimalist wardrobe? Treat yourself to feel amazing in your clothes and have clothes that actually fit your figure then feeling ugly and have them just sitting there and not be worn. Someone else can treasure those pieces and get more use out of them. You help yourself with self-confidence, better style, creativeness, and saving money but then you also help others out who may not have a lot of clothes, cant afford a lot or just need something cute that you can offer.

Cheers to a new year with style and smartness!

Happy almost New Year!


Big City Dreamer



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