A Fashionable Solution.

Winter and Spring can call for boot weather, however the higher the price of the boots does not mean they will not get ruined or will keep your feet warm. Any type of water, snow, puddle cannot really be defeated unless you have rain boots. I use to love wearing leather riding boots or Uggs in those specific conditions, however, after a while they start soaking up the water even with water-repellent spray and they still were ruined. I found that rain boots can be the most efficient, practical, boot to wear in water, snow or puddle. Rain boots can be a little ugly, or I thought but they can be fun to wear once in a while! I found these great rain boots at Nordstrom on sale and in the kids section (small feet probs). I officially decided after having so many pairs of shoes, boots and Uggs being ruined from cruddy weather conditions I found these boots and could not pass them up. I’m not huge into designer wear because target is just as good I think, however, I found these bad boys for $32.99. I thought it was a steal and a great investment piece too. Rain boots never really get old, worn down, water damaged or wet because of the rubber material they are made out of. No more of your favorite shoes being ruined, invest in some rain boots, they are worth the money! I always try to remember that what is going to be practical and what is going to be wasteful? In this case, rain boots are practical and ruining 4 pairs of shoes is wasteful. Being smart is savvy, embrace those boots and don’t forget to puddle jump, you’re never too old for that!

Happy New Year (:


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