January 1st, 2015. Where has the time gone?

I have no idea how it is already 2015, time is flying so fast I can’t contain the bittersweet moment I’m having right now. It’s crazy to think how much time is in a year yet sometimes we say, uh I need more time! Time is of the essence and it’s not going to slow down whether you like it or not. It’s crazy to think if you have a plan or goal you want to achieve by a certain time and before you know it, the plan or goal you had in mind is long gone because time creeped up on ya and it’s already a new year all over again. One great phrase I was told by a special someone this year was to “live in the moment.” Cliche but that’s why it is one because it is so true. I was constantly planning and always looking ahead of months in advanced, I never was enjoying the moment sitting and just taking in all my situations. I was physically present at times, however most I was not mentally. I missed fun events or surprises because I was not 100% all there. I am realizing that some moments or surprise can only happen once and if you blink it’s gone and will not ever be the same. Living in the moment is such a life changing event, even how our world is a go-go go, hurry, fast speed, you can still be present if you choose to be. Everything is a choice and you have a choice whether or not to be present and enjoy life now because the next thing you know it, it will be a new year already!

Happy New Year (:


Big City Dreamer


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