Picture Perfect, Beautiful Disaster.

High school, then college? Why fit in when you were meant to stand out? This is your life, you get it once so don’t live by others rules. You can take that information you receive into consideration, however, does not mean you need to listen to them. You are the only person who knows what is best for you, and if that’s going to school, becoming a hair stylist, fashion designer, pro skier, all the above, do it! Forget about the whole go to college, get a degree, get married, have a house and have kids. No! Theres so much more to life than that cooker cutter picture. I mean come on, ew?

I don’t understand why majority of the population is told to do that when we are not robots, we are human and we can do whatever our hearts desire. I believe college is not for everyone, especially right out of high school. If you want to discover the world, do not let anyone stop you. If you have the opportunity take it because you don’t know when you’ll be able to have that free time again because you could be working that 8-5 Monday-Friday job.

You are young once, do not take those days for granite, live your life before you are married. Enjoy being single, enjoy doing things on your own, putting together that book shelf by yourself, take yourself out to dinner, love yourself first. This is the time of your life you should be selfish and do what YOU want to do. Again, you are young once don’t let anything tie you down at the moment. You have your whole life to get married, go on dates, go do something YOU want to do. I see so many people get stuck and cannot do what they love because there boyfriend or girlfriend will be mad at them for leaving or they can’t do long distance, or it’s not comfortable. Wake up and smell the roses, life is about to get real uncomfortable hitting your 20’s people start to put you in that adult “category”. You start to learn to be smart about your decisions and then reality hits you like a brick. So if you are single, enjoy it, live your life, be selfish for yourself but also be selfless and help others.

Take those yoga classes that you’ve always wanted to take. Take that year off of college that you always wanted to, so you can travel or just breathe. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on an education that will not benefit you for the future. Don’t just go to school just to go, because being in debt is the most stressful situation to be in. Go out on that Saturday night because being social is ok, or what I love to do is watch some Netflix and drink some tea, just do not let someone else control your life, that is all I wish for you. Unless you’re a Siamese twin, that’s a different story but do not let that boyfriend, girlfriend or friend tell you how to live. Life just goes by so fast and regret is a word I hope no one has in their vocab because thinking back to what you are regretting, just remember you were the only person who chose that choice and now are living with those consequences, good or bad. It’s a new year, set new goals, change your whole 4 year plan, get uncomfortable, I have learned if I am not uncomfortable I’m not actually living.

Learning to problem solve is something my wise mother always and keeps telling me. Learn to problem solve on your own, at the end of the day everything was a choice and you are the one who is in control. Just a food for thought, goodnight lovelies (:




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