Hello Everyone!! So today I am beyond excited, why you may ask? I received my very first passport, 4 days earlier than anticipated! Since I started this whole process the Lord has been teaching me patience, trust, believe and letting go of control. Its been incredibly tough for me because I lack a lot in every single category I just mentioned, everything is a day by day process. This trip I am desiring/dreaming of going on will be a pretty penny, however, my Heavenly Father has been with me every single step of the way. I notice it more and more the closer to departure date. It’s crazy how God can provide in crunch time, He really is the man. A couple of weeks ago when I was really lacking in trust, my dearest mother, gave me a little book to read. It’s called Perfect Trust by: Charles R. Swindoll. There’s a part in this book that really stuck out to me, ” The more impossible the situation, the greater God accomplishes His work.” My life can 100% relate to this book. It is crazy to think how some situations can look so impossible to us but… we do not have a universe so it is not in our control! It’s so refreshing and wrinkle-free to know that we have someone who wants to take upon our burdens, fears, trust issues, feelings, pains, scars, etc because He loves us that much. This whole time I’ve been praying and pursing this trip I’ve been freaking out about money because financially I could not afford this trip on my own. Well thank goodness for the man upstairs who will provide in any situation you are in. So far, money has been coming in towards my plane ticket however, I still need to buy my visa. Just this evening, I went to go apply for a work-holiday visa, clearly they are not free and the total ended up being way beyond what I was expecting. It was $420.00! I could not believe what I saw, I hardly have any money for a $1400 plane ticket, now I need $420.00 more, ahh!? I started to panic and my mom was like “Sierra!! He has provided this much, this far in and brought your passport 4 days earlier then expected and you are going to doubt Him, right now?” She was right, He has provided this far and this roadblock I thought I had been just another way for Him to ask me, “Sierra, do you trust me?” I have never needed to trust the Lord this much, ever. So it obviously is a struggle, these are the trials and tribulations that life is about, if something looks impossible, will you trust me or will you turn from me? I can trust that the Lord’s will be done, He will provide provision. I still have a good two weeks until I need to leave so… a lot can happen now until then. Two weeks for Him is nothing, do not sweat the small stuff because that’s when those negative thoughts start to flood your head and then the enemy has his heyday that he should not be given. You have two choices in life, 1. Let go and let God or 2. Take control and not let His miracles be shown to you. God is so amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens in these next two weeks. Every season I go lately, I am given words to meditate on and just rest on, Those words I mentioned above: Trust, Believe and Let go of control. I’ve been surrendering myself and to Him pretty much every morning and it is becoming that much easier to do so. Thank you Jesus (:






  1. January 21, 2015 / 3:44 am

    I can’t believe you just got your first passport!! Congrats! Now you can go anywhere 🙁

    • bigcitydreamer
      January 21, 2015 / 3:47 am

      That’s what everyone is telling me ): I have never really had the desire to leave the country until now & I am totally ready for an adventure!! Hopefully, AUS.

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