Less Is More

“Uh mom, back off! I am going to wear what I want to wear even if that consists of plunging v-necks, short short skirts, booty shorts, skimpy swimsuits, crop tops and anything else provocative”. (Me 4 years ago) I have come a long way and I mean long way from then. It has been a working process, these past couple of years I have made it a huge conscious decision of mine to really be pro-active for how I dress. Without further ado, I will explain what I mean:

Less Is More. This can be a good or bad thing.

It is the twenty-first century and modesty is out of our vocabulary, figuratively speaking. Do we even know what modesty is anymore? Do we know why it is a word; last but not least, do we know why it is gone? Majority of the girls and women of this day and age do not really understand what modesty is. I feel so incredibly bad for all those men out there who are devoted to respect women when in fact it is such a temptation because the littlest thing can set off a man. You might think I am crazy or just blowing this out of proportion; well I am most definitely not. I grew up with 2 older brothers and they definitely told me how it was and how I needed to watch what I wore, not because they loved me but because they wanted me to respect them and myself. From a bra strap peeking out of that neckline, to those short booty shorts. Men’s minds are wired so different from ours ladies. That’s what I mean to the littlest thing can set a man off, it’s hard but that’s also a consequence from living in a broken world as well. I can’t even imagine what crop tops or see-thru leggings can do to a male’s mind. First and foremost I want to say; I am so sorry to all those boys and men out there because I too am guilty of dressing so provocative-like. (At the time I did not think anything of it until the Lord opened my eyes and said, Sierra you are better than this and in order to have respect from others you must respect yourself.) It was such an eye opener because now when I look back I am utterly disgusted with how I use to dress and thought that was ok. In fact my whole family would say “Go put something else on before leaving,” I completely would ignore what they would say and went about my selfish ways.

I am now 20 years old and have a love for fashion, it can be tough, however; I have a choice of how I am going to express my love for it; in a modest way. Whoever said one-piece swimsuits were for grandmas or aren’t “in” do not know what they’re talking about. I believe a one-piece swimsuit can make you look very classy, 1. It shows you have respect to cover up your own body and not show it off in a skimpy two sizes too small bikini. 2. You don’t have to worry about anything falling out (; the swimsuits these days are inconceivable. You mine as well go naked? I mean that’s basically what you are doing when you put on that suit. Side note: I am not saying two-piece swimsuits are bad, you just need to get the right size and coverage for your body if you want to wear that kind of suit. Again, I too use to be that girl who wore a skimpy swimsuit thinking I look hot at the pool when in doubt I was not respecting my own body and was wondering why boys would said I looked hot or sexy. Repulsive comments I might add. Your body is to be shared with your husband, in a marriage context that’s it. You do not need to flaunt what you have, unless that’s in the bedroom with your hubby, and then do as you please! I can’t even imagine the stress men have when they go to a beach or pool, having girls or women in their thong bottoms or itty bitty tops, it’s just ridiculous. My heart aches for the men. Again, you may think this sounds so silly but it’s so true just ask the next guy you talk with. He may say no but deep down it is true, I’m going to keep saying it, the littlest thing can set a man off. I have found over the years that my love of fashion does not need to consist of, how much clothing can I least wear. It should be; how can I be creative, look cute and still have respect for others and myself.

Fashion is not about how much skin you can show it’s about how well you can piece clothing items together! The next time you want to wear that tight mini skirt, sheer top, a crop top, booty shorts, two sizes too small bikini, see-thru leggings or plunging V-neck blouse, I’d suggest to remind yourself if you want respect from others you need to respect yourself. If you want that boy to keep eye contact with you when talking and not your assets, I’d advice to re-think about what you are wearing. Knee-length skirts, non-cleavage showing tops, appropriate swimsuits, and no mid-drift showing is actually not a bad thing what so ever! Less skin, more clothing, has such a classy look to it, even though you may feel covered up, you should because again it is not a good idea to be showing yourself off for the world to see. Again, we do live in a broken world, however, that is not excuse. We all learn in our own timing and it only takes one to make a ripple effect. Everyday is a choice and ladies you have a choice to either think about looking sexy then being called sexy or looking chic and being called beautiful.




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