To Be Continued part 2… Let The First Solo Adventure Begin.

The past month I have learned so much mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It has been a roller coaster ride with trials, tribulations, learning grace, love, trust and believing that God can do the impossible. I am overwhelmed in a good way with all the new things I have learned recently from my family and friends. Rewinding to about a good month ago, I moved home from college to just figure out my life before heading off to the big Apple for fashion school. About three weeks after moving home, I received a letter from the school that I have been anxiously waiting for… long story short, I was denied and my heart broke. In the end after soaking it in, I realized I wanted New York more than I wanted Jesus. Which in fact is not appropriate to have idols before God and that’s exactly what I had. Once I realized that, I knew it was not ok and had to change my heart, I was in constant prayer and still am to this day about a heart change to not want anything more than Jesus. I want His will to be my will and His desires to be my desires. I then was in panic about not knowing what I will be doing with my life because NY was a closed-door, I also had no plan B and that scared me even more. I wanted to take control and apply to multiple jobs because I didn’t want to go to school and take classes that will not benefit for my career, I then decided I was just going to take a semester off and work.

Later on my sisters best friend came into town for a visit and we were on the topic about nannying and how that is a job I love but wasn’t sure if i wanted to keep pursuing it. She then mentioned au pairing, which I have thought about before but never really looked into it. Au pairing consists of being a live in nanny for a family, help around the house, be the second helping hand and an older sister to the kids. I have always wanted to be an older sister and help others out, this job was ideal for me. I made an account, contacted a couple of families in Australia specifically, because the climate temperature is warm and It’s always been a dream of mine to go there. I was in constant prayer from the beginning about not wanting this job more than Jesus because I learned my lesson the first time. I had a huge dilemma though, I had to purchase my own flight ticket and those tickets are not cheap at all. I also did not have any money for those kind of prices either. I was really nervous about not being able to come up with that kind of money but I told myself to let it go, it’s not in my control its in the Lords. I was praying that this family would be a great family to au pair for, be surrounded with community, friends and be safe. Again, I do not know anyone there so I will be in a brand new place with a brand new start. I did keep in contact with the family through this whole process, however after our first Skype call the mom offered me the job, which I most definitely was not expecting at all. I was so incredibly flattered but i knew i could not give my answer right away, I needed to really pray about this and see if this is where God is leading me. I had no passport, visa or money for a ticket so from the beginning it was not looking hot. I let God know if this is His will I will need a job or jobs because I needed an income somehow for this trip, a.s.a.p. too. He then provided multiple jobs and ways for me to make money. He had my passport come in a few days before the actual mail in date and my visa came in not even an hour after purchasing it. I was beyond words when everything was coming together so quickly and smoothly, I’ve never experienced anything this intense before by God. During this whole process though, I had a very hard time trusting, believing that this could happen and knowing that this could be His will. When I was little I thought people who internationally traveled were wealthy and I did not come a family of wealth. I never thought this would be happening and when it was all coming together, at times I thought this was a dream. It was such an incredible blessing from the start I couldn’t believe how big God was and how much provision He really can provide.

I had a set date of February 4th being the last day to decide if I had enough to go or not since that would be ten days in advance for the family to find someone else. January 30th was my last day of work and I was given my last check with a bonus added which then provided more than enough for a ticket. In that moment of receiving that check, I was in awe and could not believe my eyes, not only was God’s hand was in this from the beginning but He provided more than enough. How cool is that? He is seriously the most fascinating person ever. So if you haven’t already caught on, I purchased my ticket that night and now I will be off on this crazy adventure this upcoming Saturday, February 7th. Again, I learned so much in such a short amount of time. God can provide and will provide being His will, Trust, Believe and Letting go of control is essential or you can’t His work be done. It is in His timing of when and what He will provide, not ours and He will fulfill His promises no matter what. God is so good and He is good all the time. Here’s to a new clean slate, new adventure, experiencing God in ways I’ve never experienced before and a long plane ride. Let the adventure begin (:




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