Round 2?

Two weeks later and it still has not hit me that I’m in beautiful, hot, Australia! I’m not sure if I had an expectation for myself when I came, emotionally but I feel like it’s not that big of a deal, when it actually should be! I am in a new season of life, which I believe it is really finding who I am, where my identity is, who I want to be and what I want to do. With all this change happening around me, I am that person who loves to change something about themselves. From a new piercing, hair color, drastic hair cut, applying more make up or a new wardrobe. I like it to be drastic because changing seasons in life is drastic, it’s a whole new focus on something else. That being said, I was scrolling through Lily Collin’s Instagram tonight and found out she made a fabulous adorable change to herself. She has a pixie cut now! It is actually a longer pixie however, it looks incredibly stunning. I’ve always loved the short hair look and how it accentuates those cheek bones really well. I too, have had it myself once and now I believe I want it back after seeing that picture from tonight… I don’t want to think about this decision too much because if I do, I may have hesitation and end up not doing it, which I don’t want to happen. Pixie cuts have pros and cons, as everything else. One big hesitation is just the comments I constantly was given when I had mine, it really hurt my self-confidence. That’s also actually one of my biggest struggles; is letting people control how I feel and listening to what they have to say. As Mandisa always says: I am a overcomer and will overcome this fear. It’s great to overcome fears, even if that means cutting off all my hair again, so be it! I want to overcome this so badly and I believe it is the perfect season for this to happen. New season in life = Drastic change to self. If you struggle with fears and or are scared of certain specifics, really try to take that leap of faith or step by step and conquer it. The only way you will get over that fear is to face it and become bigger than what really is not that big, you’re just letting it control you. As I said before, I have been needing to be really dependent on the Lord these past couple of weeks and I feel for myself this will help me that much more to get my self-confidence from Him and only Him. Not to listen to the peanut gallery comments or the people who don’t have anything good to say. Yes you will always go through life with people who won’t agree with what you do… that is life and you are the only person who can control the filter of what goes in and what comes out. I challenge you, if you are in a season of change or just want something new, to make a decision that you’re not exactly comfortable with, take that leap of faith and just try. When you get out of your comfort zone, that’s when you really are stretched and can make tremendous positive growth for yourself. You don’t know until you try (: You are a overcomer and can overcome anything you put your mind to!!! mind over matter <3 

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