I Wake Up Wanting To Kiss You x.

Today I was introduced to yet, another adorable café. This one has even more character to its interior then the last one. There were plants inside pots hanging upside down, crates that were wall decor and this interesting exposed wood stump wall; with the cutest light up quote that I wanted to steal. I Wake Up Wanting To Kiss You x. Of course since coming to this new place, I was also planning on getting breakfast. I ordered the b’fast Acaí bowl and I am going to be honest, the picture looked better than the food… I was a little disappointed however, that will not ruin it for me to make another trip to this lovely café. On my way out, I noticed the outer walls with bushes hanging in boxes and below the boxed bushes were sentences spelt using scrabble game pieces. “Do more of what makes you happy” This place has to be the most incredibly crafty café I have ever been to. Well done Doubleshot!








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