A Glimpse of Beauty

I finally made it to the beach! This has to be one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen. The water was crystal clear, however, I was told there are clearer waters than this… Which seems impossible but I guess it’s true. During this moment that I captured, I was able to just sit and soak in literally the beauty of the ocean. It was a little scary to look out in the distance because I saw nothing, no mountains, no buildings, nothing. It is extremely hard to comprehend how GIGANTIC our world is. Coming over here, knowing that I am not in a different world, knowing that everyone still breathes the same air, puts on pants the same way, drinks water, walks the same way, its quit interesting how that is possible. The only major difference from here and back home is we are a day ahead. I never knew what it would be like living in a different country. Again, it’s crazy to think it is really not that different. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that there is life outside of the U.S. It sounds so silly, but when you are someone like me who has never left the country, only heard about these places from others and only thought it would ever be a dream to leave, its mind-blowing. You become so much more aware about life, your surroundings, how materialistic items are a nuisance, you find worth in something you never thought could be possible and the greatest factor is you get a whole new perspective on life in general. Thank you Jesus for creating this incredibly beautiful and majestic earth, you really are pretty cool! I can’t imagine what else I am going to see if this small little beach is already blowing my mind… To be continued.



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