Start of Something Beautiful

Waking up early really has its perks. I was able to get away this weekend and go to the beach house. Since I’ve always wanted to see a sunrise from an ocean view, I was 100% going to take advantage of this moment. I had my alarm set a few minutes earlier than I planned waking up since it’s not everyday I wake up at 6:15am. I had no expectations because I’ve never experienced this before… until now. Right as I was running up the sun rays were horizontally beaming across the sky and ocean line. It was impeccable, I was blown away and was grinning cheek to cheek. I was blown away by the beauty of the start of the sunrise. You really have to focus on watching the sun rise, if not you will miss it, as weird as that sounds, the sun rises quit quickly. After the gloomy looking fire balls was rising, it look as if it had arms and were having a morning stretch after a good night sleep. I then was looking out beyond the sun and around it to realize how incredibly HUGE our world is. I had another reality check of how “big” small my problems are and how BIG our world is. It was intimidating because I had no idea what was ahead, it was a little scary too because I couldn’t see anything.

I then, came to conclusion; that could be a metaphor for faith. You cannot see what is ahead however all you can do is trust and believe, God is good all the time and all the time He is good (: It was such an awe moment of comfort.

Waking up to see that sunrise really makes you have a great start to you morning, I mean who doesn’t want to see the sky be on fire with multiple different colors springing out and not be happy after that? I know it is early, but really challenge yourself to wake up before the sun, enjoy the sunrise, you’ll have a deeper perspective about life, your little problems, and you will be questioning yourself, “How come I have not done this before?” You then get ahead of the day as well and have ALL day to-do whats on your list. I promise it will be worth it, so go take your cup of coffee or tea, sit and just be still while staring out at the beautiful colors in the am sky.




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