Fashion Is A Way Of Expression

Who gets to say what goes out of style? Fashion Police? Your stylist? Your best friend? No, No one should say that something goes out of style because nothing actually goes out of style, it just gets worn out. You ask, how that is so? If you choose to do so, continue on this ramble with me and you may find out.

I see fashion as a way of expression, how someone’s character can speak for itself with no words, just pieces of fabric, accessories and jewelry. Yes, there is a time and place for floral print, earth tones, dark colors, patterns and quote T-shirts but nothing really goes out of style. Just because the “world” says it does, doesn’t mean they have the final say, you do. If you want to wear a blouse that is from a year ago, and it still has a somewhat of a fresh look; no pit stains, molted pieces of lint or rips I think you are good to go. As funny as this may sound, I have a love hate relationship with the fashion world. Yes I love when designers come out with new looks for the future seasons to come because it does prepare me for new looks, however I feel as if I am in a constant panic because I’m out of date once I decide to wear that shirt that still has the price tag on it from last months line. I don’t see anywhere on blouses, skirts, shoes, etc. with an expiration date, so why do we think they have one? What makes them look out of date? Yes, styling is key that is why there are people in this world, like myself who love to help others look fabulous, with the pieces that they already own. Make do with what you have has been at the fore front of my brain for a while, with my shopping addiction I did accumulate over the past few years I finally took initiative and came up with this epiphany.

If you are really concerned with what to wear in what season, just remember the basics. Floral in spring, vibrant in summer, earth and dark tones in winter and bright happy colors in summer. Black and white are all year round, including Labor Day. Forget the new wardrobe shopping for every season and just make do with what you have. Pinterest and fashion magazines have been a key for my fashion ideas. Instead of going into debt because you needed that other shirt, save it and spend that money on someone else, a date, or for a rainy day because you never know when you’re going to need it! You may also find that blouse next week half off.

Sale shopping is smart shopping, but that is a different blog for another day.

I hope this brought some insight into your fashion perspective and will help you save those pennies for that rainy day!




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