Being Nude…

I am all for the Nudes! They are my go-to heel color for any type of occasion I have. For that dream job interview you have or just the casual weekly trip to the grocery store, Nudes can be warn just about anywhere. BCBG has been a huge help for my baby feet these past few years, after understanding that cost and worth are two very different things, I wanted to invest in big girl shoes, which I then, found. In my size too. It’s incredibly hard to find shoes that fit my tiny 5 or 5.5 size feet, depending on the style. Yes they can hurt my feet, but I sure do have a different view on life; 4-6 inches higher view to be exact. I am quit warmer when I wear heels from being higher up, no pun intended but I also feel more confident, with my head held high, back straight and strutting in my adult point-toe heels on, I feel as if I can conquer the world. In order to get somewhere in life, you need confidence because confidence is key, you need to not be comfortable; beauty is painful if you are you cannot grow and you need to dress for the part. These shoes speak for themselves and by that I mean; if chosen to wear adult shoes, you are wanting to be taken more seriously about what ever it is you are doing and you have the confidence or pain tolerance to be able to withstand wearing these incredibly tall narrow shoes. Fashion is a way of speaking for your character and these shoes make a bold statement. Don’t be afraid to stand a little higher or act a little older, you never know where you may end up, since shoes were made for walkin’… 




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