One Step Closer

When an opportunity presents itself, of course you want to take that chance because you never know what may come out of it, at least that is the case for me.

I recently was offered a position at Bohdi Leaf boutique. There is only two people at this store, including myself. When the boss is not around, it is only me taking care of the store. Thats a lot of responsibility…

Hold on, lets rewind a little shall we. In my past, I have applied for many boutiques but they have all turned me down. Reason being; I did not have a ton of experience with what I was applying for and I am on the younger side. It did frustrate me because I know what I am capable of and know when I am given a job, I arrive early and leave late, I go above and beyond what is needed. I don’t understand why some people decide on what certain age is appropriate for hiring because age is just a number, it should not be defined by maturity, skills, knowledge, responsibility, etc. I actually self-taught myself everything about fashion, blogging and computer skills. You are your own motivator and have the choice to succeed or fail. However, to be optimistic I told myself it was the stores loss. I am a great candidate for the part and they will never know now. Until I make it big and they will be saying, shoot wish we would have had her. (I am not being cocky, I am being confident, you need to give yourself a little credit) 

Coming out to Australia I did want to look for a fashion job, just to get some experience and add it to my resume. The job I was offered was above and beyond my expectations of a “job”. Not only am I working on the floor, per say, I am running the store when the boss is not there. WHAT? Usually you need to have a lot of experience and have or are doing an internship somewhere. Apparently the boss thought I had enough skills and knowledge to have this position. One of the greatest feelings is when someone finally believes in you and gives you a chance at something you know you can excel at. She also wants me to run the blog for the boutique, whoever thought my blogging skills would come into place? I sure didn’t! 

This is so much more than what I asked and prayed about, God always goes above and beyond our expectations without a doubt. It’s so cool to see how He works things in our lives even though at times we may not agree with whats happening. You have to start somewhere in order to move up, with this opportunity I hope it can open up some doors for me to bigger and higher jobs. Who knows I may actually become apart of the fashion world someday. A girl can dream right? I am one step closer to conquering that dream and could not be happier (: Here’s to dreams coming true and to never stop dreaming.




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