Enjoy The Moment Live In The Moment.

Facebook… refresh 2x… Instagram…refresh 4x… repeat. Does that sound familiar to you? I too, am guilty of this act and I told myself it needed to stop right now. Time goes by fast enough, if you don’t look up from that phone 5 years could have already passed by and you would have not even known because you were mentally checked into that life sucking device and not life’s surroundings.

Let me explain in more detail by what I mean for life sucking.

I love to people-watch and no not in a creepy way I just love going to a café or to Starbucks, get my usual drink, sit and just embrace my surroundings. One time I was at Starbucks and saw this one person looking at their phone for about a good hour straight. They didn’t even look up to have a drink; they grabbed it without looking… that’s some talent. However that is not my point.

Life is so precious and we spend most of our days looking at those stupid screens to see if you have hit multiple likes on that Instagram photo, if any juicy gossip is posted on Facebook, checking those ESPN scores or setting up your dream wedding on Pinterest with housing ideas included, come on ladies you can’t deny that you have not done that. My point being, life has so much to offer, life is what you really make it. Yes, It is fun to see what’s going on in other’s lives if you can’t connect with them at the moment, understandable. However, when it comes to the point of being disconnected from the world and interrupting dinner, private bathroom time, bonding moments with friends, etc. that’s when it becomes a real issue.

Relationships and friendships grow from becoming intimate with others, and by intimate I mean; going beyond surface level talk, hearing about each others struggles, how each others days went, what goals are wanting to be achieved, your walk with Jesus, that boy you made eye contact with or the girl who made you do a double-take. Sitting on a toilet or standing should be between you and yourself. Focus on what’s really important, relieving your bladder and that meal you just ate because you know after that you want to indulge in more food. Don’t be distracted by that silly phone, make it a priority to focus on the moment. I don’t know about you but being in the bathroom I tend to think that life is great! It is you and the toilet, let everything just flow out, literally. Enjoy that time to relax and read those subscribed magazines that have been piling up because you never have time to read them anymore. Hmm… wonder why that is. Enjoy your food for once without taking a photo, have a real conversation with the people around you or the date you are on. (1. Manners 2. You most definitely should not be on your phone when you are on a date, #1 rule) Enjoy the moment and live in the moment. Capture that meal and moment with your eyes and stomach, be enthralled by delicious food you have in front of you and the people who want to spend that time with you. The next time you are with your friends, GET OFF YOUR PHONE. My ultimate pet peeve is when I am with someone who I asked to get together with or vice versa and they are on that dang phone!! I did not ask hang out with you to watch you be on your phone, I asked to hang out with you because I enjoy your company and want to continue this friendship. If you are in a situation like this and they continue to not listen to you, forget them. Move on, because they don’t deserve your time nor do they respect you. The next iPhone or Windows phone should really have a refresh lock on phones from refreshing your feed too much; it locks for a certain time. Wonder what would happen to our culture… go crazy?!

Phones are becoming too obnoxious and they are depleting common sense for communication. This is a serious matter that I feel as if only a few people actually care about. Me being one, I’ve noticed talking with some people I interact with or know that they can’t even carry on an actual conversation because A. they are distracted by their phones, who could have guessed, or B. cannot even have an eye to eye conversation since usually the normal look for them is neck down from again, being on that phone.

Traveling really makes you look at the world differently in every aspect of life and I am not saying that you have to travel in order to have an epiphany about your priorities but being in a place not knowing anyone gives you more the reason to not need a phone, which then allows you to disconnect yourself from the toxic social media, life sucking device. Live a little, without searching on Pinterest, go outside and leave your phone on at home. I understand you maybe a very important business worker, lawyer, photographer, doctor, designer, artist, self employer, etc. but if you have even five minutes to yourself, instead of looking at that hand-held miniature computer device just close your eyes and breathe, or go outside and take a look at this beautiful earth and life you have because you never know who you may run into, see or just experience. Embrace any moment you are in because no matter how many burst of photos you take or look at it will never be the same as experiencing it in-person or being emotionally and physically checked-in. Can a phone catch feelings and thoughts? NO! 




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