Dress Outside The Box; being minimalist smart.

I have this life motto that I came up with myself, “Dress outside the box“. I always say this and will continue to repeat that, because fashion is a way of expression and another way of speaking. I love everything about styling, fashion, patterns, accessories, layering, etc. I love it all. It is another form of art that really brings my creative side out of me. I go through phases of only wearing certain specific pieces from earrings, rings, necklaces, colors and patterns. However, patterns will forever be my go-to pieces. Simplicity is key, with mix-matching patterns you want to go light to no accessories because you do not want to distract the key pieces you want to show off, that being your top bottom and shoes. Less is more. I also love standing out and being different, isn’t that what fashion is about, being different and having your own style? However, I still do not have that certain “style” because I love it all and wear pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Even if it is a little too weird (which is unlikely for me) you just have to remember to dress with confidence and you can rock almost anything! Maybe not a meat dress… only Lady GaGa can do that. 

With all that being said, I am wanting to go a little more out of the box this spring and seasons to come. Something I have really only seen once before which was when Emma Watson wore that Christian Dior open back red floor length dress with black slacks underneath for the 2014 Golden Globes awards, that outfit was PERFECT. However you can only wear that type of outfit to a specific event because of the fabric. With my look, I’m going for an everyday wear to night time since minimalism is my goal. Ever since Emma debuted that dress, I have been inspired since. You do have to be careful with this look, it can be a hit or miss.

One night I really wanted to wear a dress to be dressed up, duh but it was also going to be a cold night so instead of wearing tights, which I hate and do not own I wore some nice skinny jeans as tights and had my ankle straps overlapping my jeans, which then that added a fun twist to the outfit. It comes across as a tom-boy princess look. With the dress being girly and the jeans being the tom-boy piece, this look was a definite hit for me. It does come in handy with the whole minimalist look that I am aiming for and wanting to create outfits that can be extremely versatile. I hope I can make this trend take off, if it hasn’t already. I made sure you would be able to wear this look for any type of occasion, hence; minimalist and it will look fabulous no matter what.

I have created 3 appropriate different looks for the different times of day, using the same flats, runners and jackets. I then chose to use different heels to provide more of a variety look of height, style and preference, yet still sticking with the minimalist look. Then I used 2 jackets for multiple different uses, 1 casual coat and 1 over-sized dressy coat. I really hope this helps with anyone who wanting multiple use out of clothing items and to show that you can wear the same clothes for any occasion just by changing your shoes or jacket.

Dressed up outfits:

Casual outfit:


Every day outfit:


Night time outfit:


Day-day outfits:

Casual outfit:


Every day outfit:


night time outfit:


Fun spring/special occasion outfits:

Casual outfit:


Every day outfit.


Night time outfit:


Heres my dress jean night outfit:

  • Dress: CottonOn
  • Jacket: Nordstrom
  • Charcoal Grey Jeans: Nordstrom
  • Strap Ankle heels: Calvin Klein
  • Necklace: Charming Charlies





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