Minimalistic Challenge

It’s not about the price tag or the name, it’s how you style it. My new closet is not name brand at all, not that I can’t afford it… well it is and because I don’t thinking spending your life savings on a blouse that’s labeled Burberry or Chanel is sensible at all. However, some of my clothes do look designer but in actuality my closet consists of clothes from Zara, Witchery, Ann Taylor, Old Navy, Cotton On, Kowtow and some pieces are vintage. Yay for vintage! Let me explain in more detail:

I use to think wearing the same shirt, pants or shoes more than once a week was a crime. Whoever actually did say that wearing the same pieces more than once a week was not ok? The world… Unfortunately I became influenced by what the media was saying and my wallet was hurting, badly. It came to the point where I was becoming in debt since I would spend my hard-earned money on overpriced clothing that I did not need and only wore once because the quality did not match up to the price itself. We all live and learn though, I am so glad I learned from my mistake because now I am happy with my wardrobe skills and I am excited to be sharing them with you!

Pinterest you’ve heard of it right? If you have not, my friend you are missing out and need to go look right now. Pinterest became a huge help for this and a good friend of mine actually mentioned to me one day about wanting to try it. IT being a… minimalist closet. I totally laughed and thought to myself, yah I could NEVER do anything between those lines. Me being the fashionista I am, I needed something new all the time… or so I thought. I decided to challenge myself, to something that I thought was impossible and to really go through with it. I did a whole closet detox, kept what I loved and donated what I didn’t like or wear anymore.

Starting from scratch and the money I received from donating most of my closet I created my dream minimalist closet. From the basic black and white and a pop of earth tones also adding some simple accessories my closet was complete.

I later on thought, I have three good outfits that I am going to wear over and over again, ew. Since transitioning to a minimalist closet, it has made my creative side bloom, (no pun intended) with creativity. I, then had to figure out how to mix match pieces and learn to work with what I have. If I have to wear the same skirt, blouse, or jeans three times a week, so be it! When it comes to fashion I have been teaching myself about the difference between cost and worth, and watched confessions of a shopaholic a few times as well. Who knew movies could be so helpful? Anyway… When it comes to spending a tad more on a real wool skirt from a fake one that will wither away in the next couple washes, the smart shoppers decision would be to splurge a little more. Why you ask? I answer; you will be wearing it so much that I think having something with better quality will last you a lot longer and you will get your moneys worth. Yes, a minimalistic closet can be a bit pricier however; you will have those pieces for years, not just a good week.

Being the sensible shopper I am now, I came to conclusion that the prices that I pay for some pieces, I am going to wear them more than once and not care about the “fashion rules”? It doesn’t make sense to spend your life savings on a top and only wear it once; I mean talk about being silly, am I right? You will be surprised with how many outfits you can get out of three different tops, bottoms and shoes. My guess is that you can create at least nine different outfits… neat, huh? You finally will be wearing all of your clothes that you buy and not have the tags still attached or be any type of hanger wrinkle because it just hung up there since you forgot about it. Comes on ladies, we’ve all done that. Remove those tags, put the steamer away and wear those beautiful pieces as many times as you please. You wear the clothes, not the hanger!

If you need help I would love to give some advice or go to Pinterest where you can find multiple different ideas for a mini closet. Here’s to sensible shopping (:

Remember: its not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. 




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