Alone or Lonely

Me: “Table for one, please.”

Hostess: “Oh… okay…”

*Walks me to a four person table*

Me: “Thanks…” (In my head) Well… thank you for making me feel more alone! KIDDING.

 Recently, that has been happening to me a lot when I go out for brunch or dinner. Some people seemed surprised when I say no one else is joining and it’s just me. Can a girl not eat by herself? In their defense to make me feel less alone, they then place me at a four-table person table; I mean more room the merrier, am I right? I have a place to put my purse and jacket, so kudos to the helpful hostess.

Traveling solo has really taken me out of my element and I am learning to really know what it is like to be alone. Not a 15-minute drive away from a friend’s house, or a phone call away, I am alone in a place where I do not know a single soul or my way around. It really teaches me to rely on myself and to figure out everything on my own, unless I ask a helping hand. I’ve come to enjoy my own company and enjoy doing activates solo. I can take as long as I want to eat my meal, do not need to worry about split checks, do not need to worry about manners too much and I just enjoy the environment I am in, my own.

I use to be the social butterfly, the little kid in the room that wanted the spotlight but as became older, the less I wanted to be in the spotlight and the more I wanted to be in the sideline. I grew up with a big family but from my parents divorce and having a bigger gap between my siblings and I, alone time was common for me. I didn’t like the transition though; it was hard to go from one side of the spectrum to the other. As I am reaching my early twenty’s, I do rather enjoy being alone. It has almost come to the point where I like that more than being with others.

You start learn a tremendous amount about yourself, when it is just you. You learn how to understand your own ways, how to make decisions and being responsible is really key. I learned that you don’t always need to be around someone or be connected to social media to be alive. The world is a pretty big place, just look around. Being alone does not define as lonely, it just simply speaks for itself; alone. Be creative, laugh at your own jokes, learn to cook for one, sometimes it needs to happen and when it does you’re creating character for yourself.

There’s a saying I always try to remind myself with, you can be in a room full of people and yet still feel more lonely if you were by yourself. The situation doesn’t make you, you make the situation. 

Do not take this time for granite because there will come a time in your life where you are almost too busy to function and you would’ve wished you had that alone time.

Be content in the situation you are in and be patient. Remember, His timing is perfect and there’s a reason behind everything. 




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