You Do You

Conforming to the world is too easy. It’s even harder when you’re apart of the fashion world and you need stand out because it can get a little uncomfortable wearing something “different” or something that no one else is wearing. I decided that I wanted to donate my whole closet, start over and be “serious.” I also wanted to be taken more seriously because if I wore the outfits I used to wear I thought I would not be taken seriously. Did I confuse you? Hope not!

The next step was to go out and buy a lot of black and white shades with a splash of a few greens. I came to conclusion that my closet is too black and dull, I love prints, details and patterns but in my new closet I wanted the “adult” look. What is even the adult look? Sometimes I don’t understand my thinking.

I was on Pinterest today and I came across a photo of CB, aka. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and The City character which also is a fashion icon of mine. I always oozed jealousy over EVERY single outfit of hers. It’s really hard to say any outfit was actually ugly because the way her outfits were styled, were to the T. You may have said she had funky outfits or they were too weird, well I say she was an artist using her body as her canvas and life as her runway. She rocked everything she wore, did not care about what any of her many boyfriends had to think, even including Big. Her outfits spoke for herself and expressed who Carrie Bradshaw was.

That’s what I love about fashion; it is a way of expression. I’ve said this multiple times before, only because it’s the truth. What designers create these days or even what you can put together are pretty amazing pieces. You should be able to rock any type of item including a “bird in your hair” ß S&TC quote. You just cannot forget confidence after dolling yourself up in those amazingly crazy outfits. Confidence is key and it only comes from yourself, not others, so talk life into yourself the next time you may wear something that is out of the box. I too, have to do that sometimes when I take that leap of faith when try something different, even if it’s not what everyone else is wearing, I do it because it makes me happy.

Fashion brings my creative side out of me; for all you visual learners put your hands up I’m one as well. I need to see something in order to understand it, and so I use my body as my canvas. It makes me so happy to create, create something original or putting outfits together. I love bringing my ideas to life; it makes me feel so achieved that I am putting those talents I’ve been blessed with to work.

Now you may ask yourself, ok what is this gal’s point and my point is; BE YOURSELF. Do not conform to this world; let your freak fad fly. If you want to wear something that is very unusual, then so be it. Don’t be afraid of what others may think, or your future husband, boyfriend or friends because if they cannot accept your amazing sense of taste, then my dear friend, you are not hanging our some edifying others. You are never too old to express how you feel or what patterns are appropriate because if you have confidence in your outfit, it will show. Carrie hardly ever wore black and if she did it was only to Stan’s wedding or when she was on a hunt with that adorable fedora. That being said, she always wore colour, patterns and anything that was loud. I truly am influenced by that character and I am so excited to bring that side of myself to life again. I miss my old fashionista-self. I love to wear loud pieces and sadly I have been hiding that because I let the world tell me how to dress. Not anymore, the fashionista is back! Much appreciation CB.

Be YOU. Life is YOUR runway, be your own canvas and create your OWN styles.




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