Short, Simple & Sweet

Mornings, they can be a pain sometimes, especially when you have a 100-step process to washing your face. I never did understand why some people use so many products on their face in the mornings when in reality all that stuff is just chemically produced and it really does the opposite to what you want it to do. If you want something that is short, simple and sweet… keep reading. If not… I would still keep reading, enough of the toners and 5 lotions, I have a remedy for you that is helpful for all skin types.

Ok, granite I never really had acne prone skin but I, too, have suffered with a few deadly nasty craters that are larger than Pluto in my past. I have also suffered with those annoying little zits that appear in your T-zone or near your temples… how annoying, right? Minus the times that your period comes because we can’t stop our hormone process however, when aunt flow is not in town, you can finally have healthy clear skin.

Back in January I started using Clean & Clear continuous control, acne cleanser w/ Benzoyl Peroxide. This. Stuff. Does. The. Trick. After a few washes I noticed that those little zits in my t-zone disappeared and my black heads on my nose also were clearing up. I didn’t mention before, but I also suffer with dry sensitive skin on my face so I needed something that was hypoallergenic for my baby-like skin.

I did more research on this product because it does mention Benzoyl Peroxide and I did not want to put anything on my face and end up breaking out even more; that has happened. Here is some background knowledge on BPO:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide: A colorless organic compound product. Can be used to clear up acne or breakout of the skin. BPO is an antiseptic, which means it prevents growth of bacteria and or germs. 

It sounded pretty good to me, so I used it and I have zero complaints. After using this face wash, it leaves you with a minty, cool; refresh feeling that you cannot complain about because it’s fresh! Who doesn’t want that fresh feel after you wash your face? I DO!

Ok next, skip the toners and all that other junk you really aren’t doing your skin or wallet a favor, FYI. A lot of people have asked how my skin is so soft and here is my real answer: It is genetics but I also use this insanely amazing moisturizing crème. It’s called Genes, Vitamin E Crème. It can only be purchased at a specific place, sadly. If you are a member at a Sam’s club; just like Costco but a little smaller, that is where they sell it. Let me be the first to say that I will never use any other crème but this. I don’t just use it for my face; I use it all over my body as well. I have said before, I am all about being savvy with my money and what I purchase.

This crème is the best of the best; it’s a lotion, moisturizer and crème all in one. The ingredients are superb as well: Vitamins E, A & D. Also, combing those three vitamins create a healthy lasting result for your skin. Using this product can reduce skin lesions and have the appearance of softer, clearer and less dry skin. It keeps your face moisturized all day long even after applying make-up. I also use this crème as a primer per say, because it does have a thicker texture it doesn’t just dry up on my skin like most “moisturizers”, the skin does soak up the nutrients but to the point where it lasts all day. Life is so much easier when things are simpler. Now you can go make a real breakfast meal and have time to enjoy it because your morning cleanse will only take a maximum 5 minutes.

Step 1: Make sure your face is damp, then dollop a bit on your fingers and massage through your face for a good minute. Processed with Moldiv

Step 2: Wait a couple minutes for the BPO and cleanser to activate. It starts out white, then when it drys up, that’s usually the time to scrub scrub scrub it all off (: IMG_1473

Step 3: Once you have cleaned your face off, rub a dub this goodness all over your face. IMG_1472

Step 4: Wa-la beautiful healthy glowing skin in just 3 steps… who knew? IMG_1477 Other ways to initiate healthy skin: eat your veggies and drinks lots of water. Stay away from oily processed foods!

  • Clean & Clear: Target- $5.29 Walmart- $4.97
  • Vitamin E Creme: Sams Club- $7.98 can be purchased online




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