Smart Savvy shoppers

G’day from down under,

Where Australia is really and island and that being the case; anything you want clothes wise, you have to have it shipped or wait till you’re back in the states to get it because that particular store does not ship here. I am surviving, however, who knew not a lot of companies did not ship here? I sure did not do my homework on that, international rooky mistake.

Shopping for clothes is one of the little hassles of living here in Oz. Granite, they do have great stores here that I’ve come to adore like; Zara, Witchery, Seed and CottonOn. Those places can cost an arm and a leg but you most definitely get what you pay for so in the end you can keep your pieces for more than one wash. I have come to conclusion that fashion is keen to the Australian culture and everyone is constantly looking fabulous no matter the time, day or occasion. It is a little overwhelming at times because I want to just wear comfy clothes to dinner or breakfast but this is not a college town nor Colorado so it helps me up keep my dress standards.

I do miss shopping at Forever21 at times and H&M but again, being here and watching confessions of a shopaholic multiple times has taught me a profitable lesson on cost and worth implicating two very different things. I have also come to a keen understanding when to splurge and when not to splurge because it can be easy for you and your wallet to purchase quantity over quality. Thus, having a closet full of clothes that you will only wear once since your washer punctured holes in those flimsy delicate fabrics, thanks for that washer.

Purchasing from the stores that I shop at, provide clothes that can be time capsule pieces and be perfect for that minimalist closet that I have been aiming for. I do spend a tad bit more on clothing that I know will last me forever because I have an issue with washing my clothes all the time and need something that will last more than that one wash. The amount you purchase for one top for and a top that will get ruined after that first or second wash, then going out buying more tops can be equivalent to how many more flimsy shirts you will buy compared to having that one you decide to splurge on. Remember my sophisticated savvy shoppers; quality over quantity is a key lesson to have before swiping the plastic.

My intentions are not to persuade you to spend more but to understand that you cannot get mad at your washer for eating your tops because that’s what happens to those 100% cotton see-thru t-shirts, they’re too delicate and sometimes you just don’t have time to wash them by hand so you need to use that monster of a machine. That’s when splurging comes in, if you want that nice crisp long lasting white button down, Zara provides that perfect piece but if you need it for a last minute one time occasion, than forever21 is your best friend. It all comes down to what it the purpose for that piece and will you need it again.

Here’s to being smart savvy shoppers!


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