On Repeat

One fruit a day keeps the doctor away. Lately, my go-to fruit has been the scrumptious Kiwi’s. They are so juicy, fuzzy and have that perfect bitter-sweet taste. I have a thing for combining random foods together, most of the time they aren’t too bad. That being said, I created this delicious breakfast, brunch or snack food the other morning. It’s good to mix up your breakfast foods because milk and cereal can get old after awhile.

Ingredients: serving 1

  • Fiber rich bread, or any whole wheat base.
  • Kiwi
  • Muesli Granola. Which contains; Gluten free grains, rice flour, sun flower Kernels, Cane Sugar, Quinoa, Millet, and Puffed Sorghum. It’s free from; Gluten, nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy.
  • Plain Greek yogurt.

The granola provides you with wonderful fiber and the those sweet K’s are packed with energy, loads of potassium and is a helping hand for your immune system since they are as well packed with Vitamin C and E.

Here’s to Happy Healthy Eating (:





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