Does Love really?

G’day from down under,

Where the place you’d think the weather would be really warm but in actuality it’s quite cold, bit unfortunate I might say. Since it is window frost degree outside, the intelligent activity to be consuming my time with is the obvious, being a bookworm. I’d like to share with you a new book my lovely mum sent to me… only because I asked her, thanks mum! Its called Loves Does by the one and only, Bob Goff.  

When I first saw the title of this book, Loves Does, I thought it was strictly about love and really was not appealed to it. Another love book was the last thing I wanted but hearing so many good reviews on it, I caved.

Do not judge a book by its cover is completely and utterly true. Love Does is one of the best reads I have read yet; I hardly can put it down ya’ll. I have felt so many emotions, literally; laughing out loud, tears coming out of my eyes and all the above. I am not even half way done, so I can’t imagine how I will be reacting later on. Bob Goff provides the perfect balance of humor and seriousness, relatable situations even though some adventures seems un-relatable and of course greatly appreacited advice. One repetitive thing that I noticed and continue to notice, he always relates every situation he talks about to Jesus and His character. I love that. I used to think that when others always related God to their situations, it was another way of adding some extra sugar to sound good. However, the more and more my walk grows with the Lord and the more I want to invite Him in my everyday life, I notice I too, start to have Godly relations. Who would’ve thunk?

When I first started reading this book, a lot of events that happened to Bob I really thought they were 100% false. Honestly, some of them sounded so made up because it seemed like something out of a movie and his spontaneous behavior was off the walls. Well when you have God as your maker, the impossible can happen and it’s better than a movie script. Bob Goff needs to be added to the definition of spontaneous. It makes you want to get up and go to Uganda or anywhere in the world for that matter, or perhaps sail the ocean blue, I just need to get a little plastic sextant from a marine store first.

I could have easily finished this book in 1 sitting but since it is so incredible, it’s one of those reads that you need to only read a few chapters at a time, put it down to soak up what you just read, so that way you’ll really understand what Bob is trying to imply, which I have a hunch… Loves Does?

To be continued…




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