Who Is God?

Pt 1.

God? Who is that? I grew up going to church and being told who this God was but I never really actually knew who He was. Does that make sense? I only knew who He was because I would go off what my parents would say or my pastor would say. The innocence of being a child, oh what I would do for that again. If I did know who He was though, it was years ago when I first gave my life to the Lord when I was 12.

Eight years later, I am now finally all about living my life for Christ and couldn’t be happier for that matter. However, the past few years of me trying to understand God, it was not all flowers and sunshine, let me tell you. I always felt this brokenness between Him and I. Knowing the truths about Jesus, who He is, His ways and Why He did what He did, I am able to believe it with my head but at the moment, not with my heart. I feel like Noah from the bible sometimes; being stuck for 40 days in the rain and not understanding what is going on. Except in my case, it seems to be almost 400 days of being in this season of brokenness and it’s stressful.

The brokenness is between my heart and my head, it is absolutely the most frustrating roadblock I have probably hit in my life thus far. I itch to know God so badly, I want to live my life for Him and make Heaven more crowded, but there’s something that is stopping me from doing that. I had an incredibly, beautiful and life-changing realization last night from my wise and patient mum. She asked me the simplest question someone can ask about another. “Who is God?” I was thinking to myself, ” Well He is the son of God, the Creator of this earth, Abba, the beginning and the end, Perfect, Sovereign, the Holy king. The one who sent His only son to die on the cross for our sins.” Overall, I know a pretty good amount about this God but I didn’t actually know who he was in my heart, because again, I would always go off what others said and that was ages ago, when the last time I actually thought about whom God was.

If you don’t know someone how are you suppose to trust them? How are you supposed to put your life in their hands? How are you supposed to be vulnerable with them? How are you supposed to understand them? How are you going to know they won’t be conditional? How do you know they won’t bail on you when it gets tough? How do you know they won’t hurt you? You don’t… because you don’t know them.

With the help of many humans from 1500+ years ago, they wrote down events that happened to them. Long story short, the Lord then, provided the bible, which in Latin means book, to be a way of communicating with us in this day in age. I use gotquestions.com a lot for the many questions I have about the bible, life, God, and just about anything else that you want to know for biblical purposes. I decided to do a study on Who is God. I learned so much from it and want to summarize what I came up with.

God is the Supreme Being, the Creator, and Ruler of all. He is infinite, Unchanging, He exists everywhere, He is Just, the Truth, Holy, Incomparable, He is ONE but exists in THREE. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, He judges our sins but offers Forgiveness. We cannot understand God apart from His works because what God does flows from who He is. Our human minds cannot comprehend His mighty presences because He is not of this world. He provides fullness for life and the most perfect kind of Love because He is Love. Last but not least, to know who God is, all we have to do is look at Christ. Anytime I think of Christ, I think of the moment in the passion of Christ of Him being nailed on that cross. God gave His ONLY son to sacrifice for OUR sins because HE LOVES us that much. It is so hard to grasp that information and believe that actually happened because in today’s world it’s not something you see everyday. It’s hard to comprehend that type of Love or God for that matter who would do take upon a position for someone like you and I? From what I’ve been told and read myself, this God is someone who is amazing, any word to describe who God is would be an understatement and that’s not something you can about anyone.

This is just the beginning of it though, it’s all about baby steps because God being the Father, Son and Holy spirit the bible says He is and someone I would like to give my life too, I want to trust and believe in my heart, that everything I just read is all true. If I can’t do that, who is God?

To be continued…




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