Rainy Day Goodies

It was raining today all over in Victoria and by rain I mean flooding. Evacuations were happening and cars were needing to be moved off the street. However, I am not going to be a meteorologist today, I am actually going to share with you my spontaneous shopping trip.

What better time to go shopping then on a Jack Johnson soundtrack kind of day? It actually was a spontaneous decision for me because of the rain, I didn’t want to get out of the house but since I was already out I managed to find my way to Downtown Melbourne. First, let me say, I’ve been in a crowded place before, that being NYC but let me tell you, Downtown Mel is crowded. I had a little anxiety not going to lie, only because I was by myself, had no idea where I was going and had no idea what stores were there. I managed to stay a record-breaking 4+ hours at this particular mall. I love to shop y’all but I am the type of person who likes to get it and get out. In other words online shopping is my thang. 

Any who, Australia has a tax policy that makes everything go on sale during July (I’m not mad). I completely forgot about and wondered why there were so many bold red signs everywhere saying, SALE. It was a magnificent moment for me since I go weak at the knees for sales. During these 4+ hours of shopping, I managed to find a few items I couldn’t pass up. I also was told that if you wait till the end of July, sale prices only get better so I am holding off on purchasing anything else. Patience is a virtue young grasshopper.  

  • Tony Bianco Shoes: Otis Black patent flats.

original price: $139.95

discount: $80.00

plus an additional 20% off

Total: $64.00


  • Jewelry: LULU & ROSE 3 layer necklace and bangles.

3 Layer original price: $20.00

discount price: $10.00

Bangles original price: $18.00

discount price: $5.00

IMG_2598  IMG_2599_2

  • Top: Spencer Texture Tee, White

Original price: $47.95

Discount price: $35.96





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