I know people who have graduated college, who are still in college, or just going into college and they are still in the party mode. Can I just ask a question? How is that still fun? I’ve actually met some people on my adventure and they are in there mid 30’s working as bartenders and still party like they’re in high school. How do you still get fulfillment from poisoning your liver and making your next day hell for your body; physically and mentally? Why is it fun? Because it makes you do things you’d never do if you were sober, makes you feel better about yourself? I don’t get it?

I am telling you everyone needs to travel solo once in their life because it will change their perspective on everything. You have an understanding of how much bigger this world is, how freaking beautiful this world is. How much more there is to life besides drinking. Life is short and you only get one life to live, and with exploring without letting others control your actions you become that person you always wanted to become.

I see all over social media of people who are getting smashed at house parties in the town they grew up in and it just breaks my heart to see that. Hear me out, if those are your priorities so be it! In no way am I saying you need to stop or move on, I am simply saying that life is seriously precious and short. You have the world at your door step, seriously and can do anything you put your mine too, it may not be easy, it won’t be easy but I cannot say this enough; nothing great comes easy.

Instead of being at this house party, having temporary friends surrounding you with selfies, you could be in South Africa going on a mission trip, roaming the streets of Europe, educating yourself on the past history of that specific town while experiencing it first hand, not on Pinterest. You could even move to Sydney, Australia, catch some waves and explore the beautiful Australian waters and then realize how many incredibly mind-blowing creatures are in these waters that you were not aware of because you were too focused on that clear or brown liquid that you were inducing your body with.

Again I am not here wanting to tell you how to live at all, I am just simply encouraging to get out of your comfort bubble, forget what others are doing around you, forget the drunk selfies and go make memories that you’ll actually remember. I may sound bias but I am not, I say this because I once was that girl who was a lush, who took selfies with “friends” and did the same thing over and over. I actually never did enjoy partying to be honest, I did it because that’s what others were doing and I was afraid to stand-alone. I then grew a pair, organized my priorities, found a man named Jesus and realized that there is more to life than just drinking cheap liver poisoning liquids. I came to understanding that the world is at my doorstep and I am the only person who has control as to what happens next. Get out, go explore and live a little more!

Here’s to being independent, strong, growing and changing.





  1. July 25, 2015 / 8:09 pm

    A-FREAKIN-MEN!!! I literally laughed out loud when you said you know people in their 30’s working as bartenders and still partying like they’re in high school. I relate to that so much, because I recently had to cut off one of my close friends who is 10 years older than me(she’s 34) for that exact reason. She would always get upset with me because I have responsibilities and couldn’t get drunk with her every weekend anymore. At some point you have to grow up, but some people just don’t apparently.

    • bigcitydreamer
      July 26, 2015 / 6:28 am

      I’m glad someone else can have a laugh with me (: They may eventually grow up but… later on when it’s a little too late and they’re completely at an all time low.

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