Let’s Get Weird

I went out the other night with some friends and decided to get a little funky with my outfit, because I’ve been sick for almost two plus weeks, I really wanted to awaken my inner fashionista. Let me remind you, it was 12 celsius outside with high winds and it was night. A recipe for FREEZING! I really wanted to wear this lace skirt that I’ve only ever worn once before but I knew my legs would get cold. I did not let that stop me though, I put my creative cap on and added some black joggers underneath for a street chic look. I then paired a textured white short sleeve to add more spunk to my look.

Side note: I believe combining patterns together and textures is the best that has ever happened in the fashion world.

For a coat, I went for a brown fitted leather jacket, a bold chunky silver necklace to tie up the whole outfit and some very simple platform booties, since stilettos were not going to be my best friend that night, I need height ALL THE TIME (short girl probs). Not even thinking about what I put together, I really enjoyed this look. I also realized that’s when I like my outfits the most, is when I don’t plan. Yes, this may look “funny” or be “weird” but hey… as I always say, why wear boring clothes? Have fun and be unique (:

Here’s to dressing outside the box. 





Top: DECJUBA (Australian brand) fyi: My fav top right now.

Necklace: Sportsgirl fyi: also another fav piece of jewelry of mine.

Lace knee length pencil skirt: H&M

Joggers: PacSun

Booties: London Rebel (Australian brand)

Jacket: PacSun (I bought it from a secondhand store, brand new!!)



ps: what’s your favorite thing about fashion and why? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know (: 


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