Out Of Shape

A few weeks ago I was running and noticed that I was pretty out of shape, which then, led to thoughts of “you’re fat, you’re weak, you’re not beautiful, etc…”. We’ve all been there, at least once. They kept repeating and repeating, then hit the place that counts the most, my heart. I believed it. I allowed myself to believe those non-life giving words. I allowed myself to believe those lies that the enemy kept feeding me. I had a moment of weakness and just wanted to stop running. So I did. I stopped running for weeks. I also was not caring about what I ate either. (I’m a pretty healthy person when it comes to food) I became so lazy and just sunk into what could’ve been a growing point for me in life and my walk but instead I chose the easy way and gave up. I was so upset at myself for doing that. I couldn’t believe I let myself get that low.

Remember: you need to be here to get there. I am not saying I needed this moment of weakness to happen to get here but it was a helpful turning point for myself.

I am going to get to my point, don’t you worry.

Here I am today. First time exercising in weeks, I’m also running and having a healthy mindset. It felt great to do that, I felt alive and just… healthy. I continued to notice that my definition was pretty gone, I was out of tone and realized that it’s super easy to get out of shape than it is to get in shape. This next thought that I had has crossed my mind before and I am glad it crossed it again, just now actually to be more specific.

It takes time to get definition, right? It takes time to get strong and back on your feet. I felt as if that could be a metaphor for a Christ-followers life. We want to be on fire for the Lord, we want to be strong in our walk, we want definition, we want to be more like Him. Problem is, if we don’t engage with the Lord, in prayer, church, inviting Him in our daily lives, how are we supposed to grow closer to Him? How are we supposed to learn about Him if we don’t soak in the word daily or ask Him questions? How are we supposed to be that Christ-follower that we have pictured in our minds if we don’t take action? By watching life-sucking TV shows, or eat crap food, we will have IQ points dropping and lbs adding on quicker than we can say, what the? 

Yes, I may be out of shape right now, have no definition but the fact that I have this mindset and I am taking action to change that, IS ENOUGH. It will take time. It took a good few weeks to get out of shape and in that mindset, so it could take just as much time to get back into shape or even more but each day that passes by you either get closer to your goal or get further. It all depends on how much you want it. Is it really worth the blood sweat and tears? Is it really worth the fight? The pain? The trials and the tribulations? The sacrifices? Is it worth it? Once you see results, you’ll want to keep going because before you know, you could have wash board abs and or be on fire for the One and Only sovereign God.

Here’s to getting in shape physically and spiritually!




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