The Quarter

Yesterday, I was looking up places to eat brekkie at for todays adventures. It’s not only the most important time of meal, it’s my favorite food as well. I found this one little waffle place, but decided to keep walking down the ally and see what else was available. I stopped and found the most adorable brekkie place yet. It’s called The Quarter. It was so rustic and homey feeling. It’s a café that is considered a “hole in the wall”, because it’s literally in a wall.

I ordered the Ricotta Hotcakes, mm mm mm! It is topped with UK maple syrup, caramelized banana, Greek yogurt and delicious bacon on the side YUM!

Side note: As I was greeted by the hostess they finally asked; table for 1, with a smile. Thank you for not making it awkward like every other place I’ve been at. People do eat alone… it is ok! 





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