A Walking Canvas

When it comes to fashion, majority of others have someone or something that is an inspiration to them. When it comes to something between those lines, the one and only Olivia Palermo has to be my number one style icon. Not only does she have a fabulous sense of fashion but also she is a style icon in that industry.

From seeing her back in the day on The City, then to her exquisite outfits for fashion week, I’ve been hooked. She is unbelievable when it comes to styling. She knows how it’s done when it comes to mix matching patterns and textures. Even though that is considered a no no, you can rock anything you’d like, you just need one thing every time you put a outfit on, no it’s not a smile it’s; confidence. Her outfits are so haute couture; she’s a walking canvas at times.

One thing I really admire about her style is she doesn’t have one. When it comes to a specific look, it can vary from preppy all the way to edgy, simple, loud, you name it. It’s so impressive to see because it takes a lot to pull all those looks off. Another thing I love about fashion is that it’s always changing. You can wear one piece and dress it multiple different ways, with having a complete different look each time.

Fashion is such an art and Olivia Palermo knocks it out of the park, every time.

If you have a style icon or influencer, I’d love to know who and why that person is yours (: Comment below and let’s get chatting! 

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