Wild Child

I caved. I never ever thought this day would come however, it did and I can’t really complain. Fringe has never really been apart of my wardrobe, just like stripes or pink but hey, as I always say, “dress outside the box”. A few days ago, I did just the thing and purchased my first piece of fringe. Zara being the helpful hand they always are, I purchased this snazzy spunky skirt there and have not regretted my decision since. With fringe it can get a little tricky though and how to style it and or dress it because it has so much going on already, it’s hard to pair it with something without clashing. Honestly though, nothing really clashes because the louder the better, am I right?

With this skirt, it is a baby blue mixed with grey colour and uneven layered fringe. For once, this is not a high wasted piece; this one sits at my hip bones. I paired it with a sea thru, extra long blouse black blouse, that way you can see the texture underneath the shirt and it gives me more of a punch to the outfit.

When it comes to shopping, I try to stick with buying one outfit at a time or something that can be worn with multiple pieces. Especially when it comes to shopping at Zara, you want to wear the pieces more than once with those prices. I decided to stick with simple and basic pieces because I have loved lots of layered jewelry lately. Simple yet, busy.

Do you wear lots of jewelry if so what do you all wear? Necklace earrings? Rings bracelets? Etc. Comment down below and let me know if you like fringe and or what you pair it with. Let your wild side come out.

Skirt: 49.95$

Top: 24.95$







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