Fashion Frenzy

Ever since I could remember, a dream of mine has always been wanting to attend a race that calls for hats and funky dress wear. Now that I am here in Melbourne, during the month of September, there’s a horse derby that takes place and it cannot come any faster. The fashion sense it out of this country (literally). From colors, to textures, designs, hats, accessories, heels, it’s a track full of couture. I am hoping to attend this year but I am obviously going to need to find an outfit for this particular event. I’m not sure yet where to purchase or find someone to make me something but all that matters is that I attend. Great things to look forward too (:

If any of you know where to buy a dress and or hat for this type of event, please comment down below and let me know. I am in NEED of some ideas. I cannot wait to see what the Australian fashion sense is like and be given more inspiration.




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