Short Simple and Sweet

I don’t ever delete blogs or re-read them but this one particular one I felt I needed to redo. After reading my last blog I decided to make this short simple and sweet because that’s how our world wants everything to be. with that being said;

I complain a lot to myself about how I am not ok with my body. Unfortunately that’s normal, you are your hardest critique. That being the case, you are either going to sit and complain for the rest of your life and look back wishing you did something or get up now and do it. The other day I was over myself complaining about how I want my six-pack back. I got my butt up, did not drive, I walked to the gym (because it’s conveniently a 15 min walk there) and signed up for a membership. Despite the incredibly killer price of this gym, it has to do with priorities. I understand gym memberships can be outrageously pricey but again priorities. Instead of having that social life every single night or weekend, why don’t you cut that down by half or every blue moon and focus on that body you’ve always wanted do get. Use the gym as a tool, then once you get into the shape you would like to be, you can always cancel and continue the routines just without a membership. Keep running every day, hydrating your body ALL THE TIME. Actually eat healthy food, remember to always always always read the nutrients labels. I do not have a degree in health in fitness but from the people i have talked with and close friends being in that industry, i know that you always need to read those labels.

After purchasing a gym membership, I thought well since the gym is where Ill be a lot now, I want to look somewhat cute while I’m sweating bullets. Forget the $200 running tights or $50 Tank tops because it has certain label on it, I found some really inexpensive good quality workout gear.

CottonOn body is the place to go if you do not want to spend an arm and a leg on something that you could buy somewhere else for half the price or even more. I didn’t realize it but I bought a whole outfit with two being sale pieces. WOOT WOOT! Savvy shopping is smart shopping.

With a new motivated mind set you need to talk the talk AND walk the walk. Take it one day at a time, steel-cut abs do not happen from one protein shake or one day of workout. You think when you were a baby it took you one try to walk and that was it. NO. You cannot run until you know how to walk, be gracious on yourself and in time you’ll be completely comfortable in your own skin, I hope this motivates you to getting that healthy lifestyle you have always wanted. Just get up, do it, don’t even think about it because the next thing you know you could have the abs you’ve always been asking for, or even just the body figure you only dreamt about.


Active Core Tight pants (Charcoal black): $29.95


Cobalt blue tank:

Orignal price: $19.95

sale: $10


Fleece Vest:

Original price: $29.95

sale: $15

Here’s to Happy Healthy Lifestyle!




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